Cafe Pierre

Cafe Pierre

Cafe Pierre is a vegetarian cafe on Sandgate high street.  They serve drinks and a simple menu daily full of freshness! The menu is clean, scrummy and satisfying as it focuses on fresh and local. Organic where possible and working with Sandgate Community garden for herbs greens etc, so it doesn’t get better than that!

Cafe Pierre provides foods created like our gingerbread ladies or energy balls to heal, thrive and give energy for the whole family, healthy bodies and minds. This means extra cinnamon buns or choco-nut flapjack are allowed as they are super good for you! Wholesome Hot fresh dishes daily for lunch or dinner and local breads and salads for sandwiches, toast etc for pre order , pickup, take out or eat in our front seating space.

Cafe Pierre, Restock and Sandgate Yoga are 3 gems in 1 place. These are the 3 essentials for daily healthy living and helping the community/environment to stay clean, heading for zero waste!


Sandgate provides essential dry foods, pasta, beans, rice, nuts, dried fruit and seeds as well as eco friendly/non harming household cleaning items, such as washing up liquid, anti bac spray and laundry detergent. You can take in paper bags and we also have a glass deposit scheme. It is even better to bring your own containers to refill.

We even have personal grooming items such as shampoo, body wash, deodorant etc So the eco-friendly refill station is a service for those who consciously want to make a change to reduce packaging, reuse and recycle.

At Cafe Pierre you can book a yoga class , take a coffee and nutritious fresh food or purchase your essentials knowing together, we can all take care of the earth and her resources, especially for the future generations.

Phone: 07889 495526

Opening hours:  8am till 6pm daily.

Address: 104 Sandgate high Street. CT20 3BY

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