Sandgate Escarpment Referendum Information Leaflet

There will be a referendum held on the proposal to buy Martello Towers 6 & 7 and the surrounding Sandgate Woods on the Escarpment on Wednesday May 9th from 9am-9pm. An information leaflet, as below, giving details of the proposal will be delivered to every household in Sandgate Parish over the next week.

Proposal from Sandgate Parish Council to Buy Martello Towers 6 and 7 and Surrounding Woodland: FAQs

There will of course be many questions raised over the coming weeks and during the consultation with local residents on the potential purchase of Martello Towers 6 and 7 and Surrounding Woodland (the Sandgate Escarpment). Below we try to answer some of them, but if there are other questions please send them to Deputy Parish Clerk […]

Sandgate Parish Council to Consult Residents Over Plans To Buy Martello Towers 6 and 7 and Surrounding Woodland

Sandgate Parish Council has decided to consult residents on an exciting opportunity to purchase woodland on the escarpment, including two Martello Towers, to protect it from planned development. Martello Towers 6 and 7 sit in woodland above Sandgate Village and are subject to planning consent to develop part of that woodland for housing and to […]

Extended Opening Hours for Sandgate Library – Now Open to 5pm Tuesday and Thursday

Since taking over the day-to-day running of Sandgate Library from Kent County Council in 2016, the Parish Council has aimed to extend the hours of the hours of the library and the accessibility to users. At that time the opening hours were mornings only Monday to Saturday (closed Wednesday) – there was no afternoon opening. […]

Sandgate Parish Council Action Plan

The Sandgate Parish Council Action Plan 2015-2018 has been reviewed and updated to check on progress.
You can find a copy of the reviewed and updated plan at

New books in Sandgate Library

Sandgate Library has lots of new books courtesy of Sandgate Parish Council! A financial contribution from the Parish Council has resulted in a selection of new books chosen by Sandgate’s librarian being added to the library collection. These books are for the use of local residents / Sandgate Library users and are non-reservable by other […]

Shepway Council Notification: Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 and Regulation 19 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012

I write to advise you of the publication of the Places and Policies Local Plan Submission Draft for public consultation. This is the final consultation before the Plan is considered by an independent Planning Inspector at the Examination in Public. The purpose of The Plan, supported by an up to date evidence base, is to […]

Margaret Turnill

Graham Turnill would like to welcome local resident who wishes to attend his mother’s funeral to be held on Thursday 15th February at 2pm at Barham Crematorium.

Storms, Power Cuts and What To Do: an Update from UK Power Networks

You may have seen that bad weather is on the way and we are likely to see high winds in some areas this evening through to tomorrow morning. Our electricity network is built to be resilient but extreme weather can damage overhead power lines resulting in some customers losing their electricity supply.  Where this happens […]