Fake text messages targeting parents

Action Fraud and others are reporting a scam by text where criminals are sending out distressing messages.

How this scam works:

  • Victims receive a text message from a loved-one which says they are in hospital
  • The only way that they can make contact is via text message
  • Victims are asked to purchase mobile phone top-up codes and text it to the criminal
  • Once the criminals have the code, they can get the cash credited to their own mobile phone account.

Protect yourself:

  • These messages can evolve into more elaborate scenarios and play on your emotions and get you to react quickly without thinking.
  • If you receive one of these text messages, don’t send any codes or money, delete it and report it to Action Fraud.
  • If a family member was hospitalised, they would never be forced to use a mobile phone that required credit to activate it.

Visit Action Fraud for more information on this scam.

Please warn family members, friends and neighbours.

Report it.