Proposal from Sandgate Parish Council to Buy Martello Towers 6 and 7 and Surrounding Woodland: FAQs

There will of course be many questions raised over the coming weeks and during the consultation with local residents on the potential purchase of Martello Towers 6 and 7 and Surrounding Woodland (the Sandgate Escarpment). Below we try to answer some of them, but if there are other questions please send them to Deputy Parish Clerk Peter Savage at

How much will the land cost? We can’t answer that question at this stage as we’re still in discussion with the vendor.

How will you finance the purchase and conservation? We will apply for a long term low interest loan from the Public Works Loans Board.

How much is it likely to cost Sandgate residents? Repaying the loan will cost an average of £9 per annum per household (ie 17p per week)

How will you finance conservation and renovation works? The initial loan will cover some immediate works to the woodland to improve paths and access throughout the area and views of the towers. The Parish Council will then seek grant aid support from appropriate sources.

What will you do with the Martello Towers? It will take some time but we would intend over the next five years to be able to open them to public and community uses. We would welcome suggestions from Sandgate residents as to what future uses they might be.

What will you do with the woodland? We very much want to preserve and improve the woodland to encourage a diverse range of wildlife. We will listen to stakeholders as to their views.

What if the residents don’t support the application? We will respect the response and not proceed. We very much hope the residents will agree this is an exciting opportunity to preserve an important part of our local heritage and environment.

Where exactly are the towers and woodland? The towers and woodland sit above Sandgate village, with the land essentially stretching just below the Army Camp from Military Road in the East to Brewers Hill in the West, with the two towers within the land. The below PDF shows the site and location of the two towers.