Sandgate Bakery

Sandgate Bakery


Sandgate Bakery is still open during lockdown and is offering a FREE delivery service Monday to Friday.!

Sandgate Bakery is a cottage-based, artisan bakery based in South East Kent. We started baking bread relatively recently but have amended and improved our baking skills to a level where our regular customers have said that it is some of the best bread that they have tasted.

Price List As At November 2020

XL White Tin £3.00 V
XL Brown Tin £3.00 V
XL Granary Tin £4.74 V
Lg. White Tin £1.75 V
Lg. Brown Tin £1.75 V
Lg. Granary Tin £2.50 V
Soft Wholemeal Tin £1.50 V
Multi Seed Tin £2.50 V
Spelt & Honey Tin (Flour content 100% Spelt) £2.50 V
Rolls (White, brown, granary.) £0.35 V
Rolls, Tiger £0.50 V
Granary Boule £2.50 V
Spelt & Honey Boule £2.50 V
Stick, Plain £1.50
Stick, Salt & Pepper £1.50
Stick, Sesame £1.50
Stick, Poppy Seed £1.50
Stick, Tiger £1.50 V
Rye Boule £2.50 V
Rye with Barley Flakes £2.50 V
Black Olive Batard with Rye Flour £2.50 V
Green Olive Batard with Rye Flour £2.50 V
Mixed Olive Batard with Rye Flour £2.50 V
Sun Dried Tomato Batard with Rye Flour £2.50 V
Chorizo and Red Pepper
Sourdough, White £3.00 V
Sourdough, Wholemeal £3.00 V
Apricot & Oat Wholemeal Batard £2.50 V
Cranberry & Oat Wholemeal Batard £2.50 V
Bloomer, Floured £2.50
Bloomer, Glazed £2.50
Bloomer, Poppy Seed £2.50
Bloomer, Sesame Seed £2.50
Bloomer, Tiger £2.50 V
Chilli Garlic & Fresh Coriander Batard
Chilli Bread (Hot) with Semolina Crust £2.50 V
Madras Curry Bread with a Cardamom & Cumin Seed Crust £2.50 V
Blue Cheese & Hazelnut Boule / Batard £3.00
Date & Walnut Batard / Couronne £3.00
Anchovy & Green Olive £2.75
Pugliese (Mixture of Wholemeal and White) £2.00 V
Pain Rustique (Crusty White) £2.00 V
Pizza Bases (6) £3.50
Chocolate Brownies (Gluten Free) £1.00
Chocolate Brownies (Gluten Free) topped with chopped nuts £1.25
Buttery Scones £0.75
Fruit Scones £0.80

Phone: 01303 24656912

Castle Road, Sandgate, Kent CT20 3AG