Sandgate Bakery

Sandgate Bakery


Sandgate Bakery is a cottage-based, artisan bakery based in South East Kent. We started baking bread relatively recently but have amended and improved our baking skills to a level where our regular customers have said that it is some of the best bread that they have tasted.

We offer delivery and also pick up from 12 Castle Road, Sandgate.


Price List As At November 2020

XL White Tin£3.00V
XL Brown Tin£3.00V
XL Granary Tin£4.74V
Lg. White Tin£1.75V
Lg. Brown Tin£1.75V
Lg. Granary Tin£2.50V
Soft Wholemeal Tin£1.50V
Multi Seed Tin£2.50V
Spelt & Honey Tin (Flour content 100% Spelt)£2.50V
Rolls (White, brown, granary.)£0.35V
Rolls, Tiger£0.50V
Granary Boule£2.50V
Spelt & Honey Boule£2.50V
Stick, Plain£1.50
Stick, Salt & Pepper£1.50
Stick, Sesame£1.50
Stick, Poppy Seed£1.50
Stick, Tiger£1.50V
Rye Boule£2.50V
Rye with Barley Flakes£2.50V
Black Olive Batard with Rye Flour£2.50V
Green Olive Batard with Rye Flour£2.50V
Mixed Olive Batard with Rye Flour£2.50V
Sun Dried Tomato Batard with Rye Flour£2.50V
Chorizo and Red Pepper
Sourdough, White£3.00V
Sourdough, Wholemeal£3.00V
Apricot & Oat Wholemeal Batard£2.50V
Cranberry & Oat Wholemeal Batard£2.50V
Bloomer, Floured£2.50
Bloomer, Glazed£2.50
Bloomer, Poppy Seed£2.50
Bloomer, Sesame Seed£2.50
Bloomer, Tiger£2.50V
Chilli Garlic & Fresh Coriander Batard
Chilli Bread (Hot) with Semolina Crust£2.50V
Madras Curry Bread with a Cardamom & Cumin Seed Crust£2.50V
Blue Cheese & Hazelnut Boule / Batard£3.00
Date & Walnut Batard / Couronne£3.00
Anchovy & Green Olive£2.75
Pugliese (Mixture of Wholemeal and White)£2.00V
Pain Rustique (Crusty White)£2.00V
Pizza Bases (6)£3.50
Chocolate Brownies (Gluten Free)£1.00
Chocolate Brownies (Gluten Free) topped with chopped nuts£1.25
Buttery Scones£0.75
Fruit Scones£0.80

Phone: 01303 24656912

Address: Castle Road, Sandgate, Kent CT20 3AG