Sponsorship of planters

Sandgate Parish Council is going to repeat the successful sponsorship of the planters within the Parish Council area as follows:

  • The six rectangular planters located on the seafront are available for sponsorship at £50 for the summer season (late May to September);
  • The circular planter outside the Ship Inn is available for sponsorship at £100 for 12 months as it is replanted for the autumn;
  • First refusal for the sponsorship of the Rowing Boat (£100 form 12 months) has been granted to the Folkestone Rowing Club as they donated the boat in the first place.

Sponsors will be promoted through the use of an A5 notice (A4 for the rowing boat) planted in the relevant planter together with items added to the Council’s Facebook page (and therefore Sunny Sandgate as well)

Sponsorship is on a first come first served basis with the exception of rowing boat for which the Folkestone Rowing Club shall be offered first refusal as they donated the boat. Requests should be sent to the Parish Council at the following email address by 31 May 2019:


Peter Savage

Deputy Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer

21 May 2019