Kent Police Guide to Motorbikes, quad bikes and mini motos

Following a number of reports of use of quad bikes in parks in Sandgate, Kent Police have provided us with their information leaflet on them.

As it says: “It is against the law to use a go-ped, mini moto, quad bike or motorbike in public parks, open spaces or on footpaths, pavements, cycle routes and bridleways.”

For the avoidance of doubt, that includes Sandgate Park and Fremantle Park. There are no signs saying so because the same applies to ALL public parks, open spaces, footpaths, pavements, cycle routes and bridleways. Sandgate is not an exception, and Kent Police are aware of and watching for the issue. Any incidents of use of such vehicles in pubic parks should be reported to Kent Police via 101 or the Kent Police online reporting page. they ask that the report includes:

  • The dates and times that you have been affected by nuisance vehicles
  • The location of the vehicles and what they were doing
  • Descriptions of the vehicles and people involved
  • Whether the vehicles were ridden to the area, or whether another vehicle was used to transport them.

The information you provide will help them to identify those responsible and take action to prevent them causing problems in the future.