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Sandgate – A Great Place to Shop, Eat, Drink, Visit and Stay

The Sandgate Business website brings together local businesses. We aim to make Sandgate the best possible place to shop,  eat,  drink, visit and  stay.

Find out about our lively shopping area with a great mix of shops, eateries, pubs, hotels and helpful services. There is free parking along the high street!

Sandgate is a seaside village near Folkestone, Kent. Sandgate is a great destination for a day or two by the sea. Find out about things to do in Sandgate and up coming events.

There are lots of attractions to visit such as our award winning beach, a Castle, Martello Towers, historic barracks with a key role in British armed warfare. There are beautiful woodlands and lovely open parks in Sandgate to visit. Sandgate has many businesses along the high street, gift shops and many antique shops selling interesting and eclectic items. Sandgate has some fantastic cafes and restaurants. It is a perfect place to have a meal followed by a stroll along the promenade and watch the sun go down.

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