Sandgate Parish Council to Consult Residents Over Plans To Buy Martello Towers 6 and 7 and Surrounding Woodland

Sandgate Parish Council has decided to consult residents on an exciting opportunity to purchase woodland on the escarpment, including two Martello Towers, to protect it from planned development.

Martello Towers 6 and 7 sit in woodland above Sandgate Village and are subject to planning consent to develop part of that woodland for housing and to convert the two Martello Towers into a dwelling house and a holiday home. The Parish Council objected to that application and has now agreed terms with the owner with a view to conserving the towers for community use. The Council would also not implement the permission to build five homes as it wishes to protect this important site for its heritage and environmental benefits.

Residents of Sandgate will be consulted over the next few weeks as to whether they support the proposal. If the residents do support the proposal the Parish Council will proceed with the purchase.

As a part of the public consultation process, there will be two public meetings on:

  • Thursday 26th April at 7 pm in the Chichester Hall;
  • Wednesday 2nd May at 3pm in the Sandgate Library.

The Parish Council has published a series of FAQs on the proposal, but any other questions should be directed to Deputy Parish Clerk Peter Savage at