Short Circuit we collect, repair and restore vintage computers

Short Circuit

Short Circuit repair and restore vintage computers. At Short Circuit vintage computers are not just objects; they embody a unique narrative of innovation and progress.
Driven by a profound belief that delving into the experience and utilisation of these technological relics is a crucial pathway to comprehending their historical significance.

Their mission extends beyond mere preservation, aiming to safeguard not only the computers themselves but also the invaluable skills and knowledge possessed by those dedicated to their conservation.

Their commitment to fostering a community of like-minded individuals is fuelled by the belief that the stories embedded in these machines deserve to be shared and celebrated. Short Circuit aim to foster connections made online forums and organise in-person events.

Short Circuit has a display of some of their vintage computer collection. There is also a workshop where they repair and restore machines. Visitors are welcome, by appointment only.


Address: 104 Sandgate High Street, CT20 3BY

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