The outside of the Boat House in Sandgate. There are tables and chairs with people sitting outside on a sunny day. The tables have daffodils on them and people are chatting.

The Boat House


The Boat House is a seaside cafe located right on the promenade in Sandgate. The cafe offers a great selection of toasted sandwiches, breakfasts, cakes and ice-creams. There is even dog friendly ice creams on offer! The Boat House sells fresh vegan cinnamon buns, made by @wilder.buns. 

This seaside cafe has tables outside overlooking the beach, which makes it a great place to sit and take in the view. A great place to stop and take a break if you are cycling from Hythe to Folkestone.

Even on misty days this cafe is a welcoming place to watch the waves.

Opening: In the winter months mainly Closed.

Check out their Facebook page.

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